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The challenge

Budget Campervans are an established campervan and motorhome rental comparison site that, prior to coming on board with Kaweb, had enjoyed moderate success in the industry for some years.

Over the past two years, the client had started to notice a decline in business, steadily receiving fewer and fewer bookings through the site over time.

Our inital review and audits revealed that the website hadn’t been recently updated in terms of design, usability or content and as a result, had fallen far behind the times.

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Strategy and Insight

Our approach

We wanted not only to put a stop to the decline but return the client to a more successful period in which they saw growth.

Our team were put to work on improving the site’s SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation and User Experience.

The results of which have completely turned the outlook for budgetcampervans.com around.

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The results

The most successful months the company have seen

Within 6 months we’d managed to increase ranking positions by over 900 places. Including moving competitive terms with 50,000 searches a month from not featuring in the top 100 at all, to sitting comfortable in the top 5.

Along with this we increased goal conversion rate and user engagement, resulting in a strong growth in all KPI’s, most importantly revenue.

910 increase in keyword ranking positions
418% increase in organic traffic
250% increase in organic revenue