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The challenge

Choice Replacement Toilet Seat Shop sell a huge array of replacement toilet seats and parts from popular brands in the UK. When they first contacted Kaweb in 2017, their keyword rankings weren’t performing as well as they could have been. So, the challenge for our SEO specialists was to investigate why this was, and to drive higher keyword rankings. The end goal was to increase organic revenue through the client’s website.

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Our approach

Once the goal had been set, our organic search experts set to work on collating a well-grounded off and on site SEO strategy. This heavily included setting up a keyword plan to ensure that the correct keyword intent was being met across the site. We worked on building a plan that was focused on growing the keyword presence in the SERPs to boost click through rates and most importantly, the client’s revenue.

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The results

The results for Choice were hugely positive for our organic campaigns. The quick keyword and technical wins we implemented right away as well as the on page optimisation we carried out for our client both saw a significant uplift in not only keyword rankings, but also revenue. In their first year with Kaweb, they saw an increase of over 2,000% in organic revenue, compared to the previous year. This was largely a result of the 1,872 increase in keyword positions, with some keywords that had higher search volumes reaching 12,100 a month.

1,872 increase in keyword positions
+2,377% increase in organic revenue