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The challenge

Titman Tools are experts in the industry of router cutting technology and the company founded back in 1973 in London. Then, when they came to us back in 2019, their main goal was to grow their website, and drive more revenue through organic and paid search. They wanted to push their keyword rankings to much higher positions into the Google SERPs than they were back then. Their aim was to work with an agency who could turn things around for them digitally, and the team at Kaweb were thrilled to jump into the research and drive a long term revenue increase for Titman.

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Our approach

We agreed the initial goal with the client and then our PPC and SEO experts kickstarted the plan. First, we worked on achieving those quicker wins, and then the team put a strategic schedule into place. From researching and implementing an optimised PPC campaign to carrying out thorough research for both off and on page SEO, the focus was solely on driving an increase of organic and paid website traffic to increase their ecommerce revenue.

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The results

The result saw Titman Tools reaching their original expectation of growing their website revenue, and then exceeding that on a much longer term scale too. The client saw a huge uplift in keyword rankings, even on keywords that had larger search volumes of above 8,000. The SEO and PPC campaigns we researched and actioned for the client saw a highly successful result when it came to increasing revenue. In the client’s first calendar year with Kaweb, they saw a 350% increase in paid revenue and a 228% increase in organic revenue. This growth has then continued through 2020 and 2021.

1,046 increase in keyword positions
+ 350% increase in paid revenue
+ 228% increase in organic revenue