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Facebook & Instagram Down October 2021

Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp all went down on Monday 4th October 2021 at 16:45.

What can you do as a business next time there’s a social media outage, as confirmed by the BBC?

Don’t panic – read this expert advice from our very own Social Media specialist, Chris Brown.

This is what to do next time there is a social media outage.

  • Let your customers know you’re still there – on a different network
  • Be light-hearted in tone of voice – it’s a problem out of your control
  • Build an audience on another network – relevant to your target audience, in case it happens again
  • Pause ad campaigns if you can – so you’re not wasting money in the outage
  • Shift ad spend to other networks during the blackout – so you’re making the most of your money elsewhere
  • Pull back ad spend for a few days post-blackout – assess the situation and let the network ‘get back to normal’
  • When the network is back up, don’t be too hasty to post – let the site sync and update accordingly, we’d give it an hour or so
  • Add a note in Google Analytics – so you can account for the (lack of) activity

What caused Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp to go down?

It’s been put down to a “faulty configuration change” relating to an internal server problem.

How long was Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp down for?

6 hours.

Facebook icons broken during social media outage

Is Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp back up now?

Yes. Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp are back up and running as normal now.

people looking at phones during social media outage


Written by Katie McDonald in News & Culture