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See tangible results at lightning speed

Our expert team of PPC managers are equipped with the knowledge, experience and industry tools to deliver pay per click success. So by choosing Kaweb as your PPC agency, you’re in prime position to maximise your online visibility, draw in more leads and drive all-important sales.

With careful research and a well-thought-out strategy, we nurture and manage your PPC campaigns so that no matter how much you choose to spend, you’ll achieve the greatest return on investment from your pay per click advertising. Get in touch, or read on to learn more about our PPC marketing services.

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About Our PPC Services

What is PPC?

PPC is an abbreviation for ‘pay per click’, also known as paid search. This essentially covers any online advertising placements which you bid to appear in and only pay for when a user clicks on your ad.

It's the fastest way to appear at the top of search engine results because ads take up the first 4 positions. This makes PPC a quick-win for businesses who want to boost traffic and start seeing results now, without having to wait for the many fruits of their SEO labours to grow.

PPC typically refers to campaigns run on Google Ads (formerly known as Google AdWords) or Bing Ads, but it’s not as straight-forward as setting up one Google search campaign, writing some text and setting a few bids.

Why do you need our PPC marketing service?

PPC advertising is an essential addition to your digital marketing strategy. When implemented, managed and monitored correctly, pay per click can provide an incredible ROI for many businesses; whether you're a newcomer to your industry wanting to boost brand awareness and gain leads, or if you're a veteran e-commerce site and simply need to drive more sales.

The paid search specialists at Kaweb accelerate growth for our clients, not just by writing winning ad copy, but by serving ads through the most suitable platforms, in the locations where your customers are and at the times of day mostly likely to achieve the results your business needs.

The Kaweb promise to you:

  • Certified Google Partner
  • PPC Campaigns Managed In-House
  • A Dedicated PPC Specialist & Data Analyst
  • Clearly Defined PPC Budgets & KPIs
  • In-depth Keyword & Audience Research
  • Competitor & Market Analysis
  • Flexible Data Analysis & Reports Tailored to Your Business
  • 100% Transparency: 24/7 Client Platform Access

The stats

PPC is a hyper effective form of advertising, supported by some mind-blowing statistics…

Some 20+ years ago, online advertising meant ‘pay per placement’ banner ads and relentless pop-ups for products, services and sites you weren’t even interested in. Before sophisticated targeting methods were developed, paid advertising online was more or less a shot in the dark.

Because these techniques were actually hindering user experience rather than helping, they quickly dwindled. This made way for the rise of location and query-based ‘sponsored’ search results and other laser-targeted pay per click placements. Largely popularised by Google, many other search engines have now taken up the ‘per click’ model.

These ever-adapting methods form PPC as we know it today. A ‘PPC Agency’ is something you may have never heard of 10 years ago. Now, PPC services have become an essential part of the digital marketing toolkit.


the average return on investment for Google Ads campaigns


of users who intend to make a purchase click on paid ads


of all clicks on the results page go to the top 3 paid positions


the increase in brand awareness following exposure to ads

I've worked with Kaweb for many years. Not only is their expertise second-to-none, but their responsiveness means I've never felt left in the lurch. They're a great bunch of people as well - highly recommended. Dave Worth, Airband
We are fair and upfront

An individual price agreed for each client

We are fair and upfront

At Kaweb, we work on an hourly rate, with no hidden costs or surprises. Before we put together a PPC proposal, we research your business, the competition, find out who your target audience is and work with you to establish your goals.

One size certainly doesn't fit all when it comes to marketing strategies or PPC services, so we assess your business on an individual basis to determine the services you need. Whether that's just one PPC campaign or a combination of our services.

Once we’ve assessed the current situation, we’re able to recommend the necessary time required each month to create and manage paid advertising campaigns, as well as a PPC budget that will work for you. Get in touch with our digital marketing team to discuss what you need from your PPC campaigns or let us take the reins as your PPC agency.