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Our Ethos

Our aim is simple. To make your business more successful than it was before you met us. The most important part of this is listening. We ask lots of questions, stopping just short of your shoe size. Many cups of tea and custard creams later, we’ll have a firm understanding of your objectives - at which point we’ll apply our knowledge with flair and passion to map out the perfect strategy for achieving them. Read more about our values below.


“Ambition beats genius 99% of the time”
Luckily at Kaweb we have both. We dream huge and don’t do anything by halves. Expect big ideas from our team to help your site reach its full potential.


“Creativity is intelligence having fun”
We approach each project with the same creative flair, innovative outlook and outside-the-box thinking every time. Working with you, we design according to yours and your customers’ needs; creating a piece of art each time.


“Do it with passion or not at all”
Passion is at the core of every project we take on, and we love what we do. Like really love it. Our passion for the work will not only excite you, but will also translate into exciting your online customers. After all, if we don’t care, then why should they?

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