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VPS Hosting

Hassle-free hosting on your terms, with expert oversight

If you run a business website, online shop or web-based software applications, let us relieve you of the burden and worry of managing your own server. A managed VPS offers all of the benefits of a VPS, with the additional benefits of expert advice and support for just a small fee. We strengthen your systems with industry standard monitoring and graphing solutions, and reliable backup solutions that can be honed to meet your needs.

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Included with VPS Hosting

  • KVM/XEN based virtualisation
  • RAID 1 mirroring
  • Dedicated public IP address
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Free SSL
  • 50GB SSD as standard


Our monitoring solutions are hosted in different locations to rule out false positives and ensure that our team remains responsive to alerts during peak hours. You can rest assured that if there is a system fault, our in-house Unix Systems Administrators are aware before you pick up the phone.

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The servers on which your managed VPS will sit are owned and operated entirely by us and reside in a state of the art Tier III Data Centre in London, ensuring highly redundant power, networking and excellent security.


Our Systems Administrators utilise configuration management tools (Ansible) and version control systems (GIT) to collaborate and help document the intricacies of your virtual private server as well as provide a log of changes that our team makes to vital system configuration settings.

Why choose Kaweb?

We offer Fully managed VPS solutions that are crafted to your needs, running on either KVM or XEN based virtualisation. We monitor your servers 24/7/365 and use this to fuel proactive human maintenance to ensure the highest level of service and availability.

RAID1 Mirrors

All of our servers use at least two hard drives that are configured in a mirrored array. If one disk fails, your services will continue to run on the second while repairs are made by our engineers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unmetered bandwidth on a 100Mbit connection means there is no need to worry about your usage or data requirements.

Free SSL Included

We offer 1 Free SSL with each of our VPS solutions, helping you to ensure a secure, encrypted connection between your website and users

50GB SSD as Standard

We provide 50GB of Solid State Drives storage as standard. Solid State Storage is faster than a traditional mechanical/spinning hard drive and helps to deliver a lightning fast service to your users

VPS Hosting

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We are fair and upfront

An individual price for every project

We are fair and upfront

We’re extremely proud of our no-nonsense approach to hardware and software, advocating open-source technology that is FREE and flexible. We endeavour to make only the most pragmatic of recommendations that align with your budget and needs. Unlike many of the larger hosting companies, we have skilled Unix systems administrators working from our office, and at the end of a phone line. Members of our team can regularly be found troubleshooting or carrying out system maintenance while you’re sleeping, helping your business perform seamlessly.