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Backup & Disaster Recovery

Robust backup and disaster recovery strategies that your service deserves.

If your business is reliant on technology and the internet, you’ll be pleased to hear we’ve seen and heard it all. There’s nothing worse than the feeling when everything goes wrong at once. With Kaweb, there’s no need to panic, we’re there for you when you need us most.

Need a full, robust plan? Want to minimise the possibility of downtime? Or simply want to fully understand your risk exposure? We can help.

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Included with Backup & Disaster Recovery

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Why choose Kaweb backup solutions?

We’re frequently seeing cases where a backup solution is backing up the wrong data or using the wrong method. We apply our knowledge of when and why different backup strategies are used and combine different methods to give you the greatest choice – the choice you always wish you had in an emergency. It’s our belief that a simple solution is often the fastest and most reliable when it comes to actioning a disaster recovery plan. That’s why we naturally gravitate to some of the least complicated and easiest-to-maintain options that are not only friendly on your pocket but ensure a pain-free restore in the event of total system failure. This can even include setting up redundant internet connections with automatic failover and VPN solutions for your remote workers and road warriors with commodity hardware – no contracts, and no licence fees.

Our Facilities

Our Tier III Data Centre facilities in London are so well connected we can offer real-time hard drive synchronisation to a DC in another geographic location, meaning service can be restored in even the most severe of circumstances – giving you true peace of mind.

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Of course, prevention is better than cure. We’re well versed in the area of redundant and high availability systems/clusters to help guard against downtime in the first place. While redundancy can be an added operational expense, we’ll help you to see, understand and quantify what the impact of downtime could cost your business as a bigger picture.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

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We are fair and upfront

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We are fair and upfront

If you’d like to take all this one step at a time, our consultancy-only service will examine your business and systems including who manages them, their skills, and under what contractual obligations. We can then make recommendations and action those if you wish. As ever, effectiveness stems from knowledge.