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What can we do for your business as an ecommerce agency in Birmingham?

You’ve got one or more wonderful products or services sat on your ecommerce website, but you’re not seeing the revenue you should be getting. Sound familiar? You’re in the right place. As an ecommerce agency in Birmingham, we work with local companies to increase their keywords rankings, get more website traffic and improve their revenue.

Your ecommerce website is your online shop window, and it’s so much more than that as well. It needs to give every person who lands on it a quality user experience. It needs to be at least mobile-friendly, responsive and relevant. Otherwise you could be losing site traffic, and that costs you revenue.

From resolving technical issues flagged up in an SEO audit and fixing your product schema to optimising your paid search to have carefully crafted ad copy, we’re a team of experts in ecommerce with over 27 years of experience.

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Why work with Kaweb? Professional ecommerce agency in Birmingham

There’s a lot that goes into a successful ecommerce website. We know because we’re specialists in it, and we love what we do. From creating optimised product, category and landing pages to producing, researching and running PPC campaigns as well as improving the social media engagement levels, we’ve got the experience. And we get results. 

  • Optimised for local search – appear for keywords that people in the local area are searching for every month
  • Rank for high purchase intent keywords – this will attract more people who are ready to make a purchase and likely to convert
  • Increase in website traffic – start ranking for more keywords, and get more people on your site, Google will notice it
  • Get more revenue – rank for relevant high-purchase intent keywords and people click through, and watch your revenue increase

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Our ecommerce services include:

As an ecommerce agency in Birmingham, we like looking at the bigger picture and creating a three-pronged approach, using all of our resources. That’s why we offer SEO, PPC as well as social media services to increase client’s website traffic and most importantly, their revenue.

SEO Services

SEO Services

As part of the strategy, we’ll research and implement a full keyword plan and action a full SEO website audit to check that you’re not being hindered by any technical faults or poor site speed. Then, we’ll kick start the process of optimisation, so you can start to dominate more space in the SERPs. As you move up to page 1 in Google, and to the top of the listings, you’ll see an increase in website traffic and revenue too.

PPC Services

PPC Services

With defined budgets and goals in place, we’re specialists in generating Google Ad copy that gets you results. We analyse the ins and outs of data and use it to make the campaigns as effective as they can be. Increase your clicks, make your clicks affordable, and get an increase in revenue from your website.

Social Media Services

Social Media Services

We’ll carry out the market research so we know which brands, both big and small, we’re competing with. We’ll create high quality crafted copy for your posts and plan them in a bespoke schedule to increase your engagement. With more engagement, you’ll see an improvement in website traffic and that all important revenue.