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In a world where the many contemporary methods of digital marketing seem to take centre-stage, don’t let that be the reason you overlook one of the originals. Email Marketing is still one of the most effective strategies of them all providing the right mix of strategy, creativity and technology is used.

Picture your carefully crafted email marketing campaign, delivered by a dedicated team of experienced specialists and continuously improved with the help of ongoing data analysis. With Kaweb, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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Our Email Marketing process

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing can be taken as any message sent to a previous or potential customer via the medium of email with the goal of enhancing the relationship between them the buyer and you the seller. Therefore, the scope of email marketing is vast and its applications many. Thanks to GDPR, you now know that everyone on your email list has made a conscious choice to be there, so don’t let them down with a bland, bi-monthly, blanket email newsletter. You’ve already spent time and money doing all of the right things to bring them in as a lead, so why not keep that momentum and use the data available to you to continue to delight your users at every point of interaction.

Why do you need Email Marketing?

A prerequisite to email marketing is having a subscriber list gained through some form of opt-in. One of the reasons why email marketing is so effective is because it's permission-based - at the point of receiving your message the user has already said ‘I’m interested’. Your subscriber list is essentially a captive audience of people who have already agreed to be directly marketed to, they could be previous customers of yours who still want to keep up with the latest products and deals or prospects who are open to persuasion. Either way, they’re primed and ready to make a purchase from you.

The Kaweb promise to you:

  • Bespoke or Customised Email Templates
  • Campaigns Created and Managed In-House
  • Thorough Email Client-Testing
  • A Dedicated Team of Specialists
  • Goal-Orientated, Strategy-Lead with Clear KPI’s
  • Custom Segmentation based on Your Business
  • Informed by Ongoing Behaviour Analysis
  • Clear & Frequent Communication
  • Collaborative Approach for On-brand Outcomes
  • 100% Transparency: 24/7 Client Platform Access

The stats

It's no surprise that email marketing is still standing...

From its humble origins back in the late 70s to its emergence as a spammy nuisance in the 90s, email marketing, like its many other digital marketing counter parts has grown rapidly alongside the explosive rise of web-based technology.

Despite battling against automatic email client filters, spam blocking software and most recently the constraints of GDPR, email marketing is still alive and well.

50% the height of conversion rates seen by B2C marketers leveraging email marketing automation
10% The percentage increase in click through rate after implementing personalised email messages
6x How much more likely you are to receive a click through from an email compared to a link on social media
4.24% The amount of users who buy something as a result of email marketing compared to social media at 0.59%
Kaweb have been exceptional to work with, creating a product for our organisation that is both functional and beautiful. It has transformed our user experience. The team are incredibly responsive and genuinely care about the quality of their service and product. We look forward to further developments with Kaweb who we consider our partners in our ventures. Karine, Love UnderDogs
We are fair and upfront

An individual price agreed for each client

We are fair and upfront

Kaweb work on an hourly rate, with no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises. The cost of a full blown automated, segmented, personalised email marketing strategy only differs from the cost of a single email campaign set-up based on how long it’ll take our team to create. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business and tailor our proposal around your business needs.