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A low cost route to getting your brand noticed

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Chances are your business could benefit from a few more people knowing about who you are and what you do. If you’re only serving ads on search engine results pages then you’re missing out on a big, low-cost piece of the PPC pie. When the opportunity arises to get your brand in front of a lot of the right people – you should grab it with both hands, which is precisely what display advertising allows you to do.

When your Display Ads are created and managed by Kaweb, you’re armed with a carefully considered strategy, thoughtfully-designed creative and ever-improving campaigns. Depending on what stage in the user journey you’re trying to target, we’ll seek out the best placements to achieve the highest engagement and encourage conversions.

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Our Display Ads process

What is Display Advertising?

Display Advertising is a powerful, low-cost method of PPC, often used to increase brand awareness for fledgling companies or to boost conversions by utilising Remarketing. Your Ads can be made up of text, images or video content which is then served across a large group of sites that offer advertising space, known as the Google Display Network. In short, you’re not showing ads when someone types a query into a search engine, instead you’re showing up (almost) everywhere else when your customers are browsing the web.

Why do you need Display Ads?

Display Advertising, when combined with a considered strategy and ongoing management will put your business in front of the right user demographic, nudging them into your prospect pool or converting them into a paying customer. Precise targeting methods mean that you can serve ads to those who have either previously shown that they are interested in your brand or fit the persona of someone who would be. Either way, you’re on track to start winning more customers.

The Kaweb promise to you:

  • Campaigns Managed In-House
  • A Dedicated PPC Specialist & Data Analyst
  • Clearly Defined Budgets & KPIs
  • Thoughtfully Crafted Ad Creative
  • Goal-Orientated, Strategy-Lead Plans
  • Informed by Ongoing Industry Competitor & Audience Insights
  • Flexible, Tailored Data Analysis & Reports
  • Clear & Frequent Communication
  • Collaborative Approach for On-brand Outcomes
  • 100% Transparency: 24/7 Client Platform Access
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The stats

There’s a reason why so many businesses use display ads as part of their digital strategy…

1994 – the year the first banner ad appeared online. Back then, these ads were downloaded over a dial-up connection, so as you can imagine they made slow sites even slower. Thankfully, user expectations were a lot lower pre-millennium so click through rates were still proportionately high.

Fast-forward to 2019, the Google Display Network is vast, targeting benefits from laser-precision and tactics such as Remarketing and Native Advertising have enabled marketers to overcome the challenge of banner blindness.

70% the percentage that website visitors (targeted with Display Ads) are more likely to convert by.
155% The potential increase in brand-related search activity following display campaigns.
59% The increase in conversions made by users who found your brand because of display ads.
90% On average, reach roughly 90% of global internet users with display ads.
We are fair and upfront

An individual price agreed for each client

We are fair and upfront

Kaweb work on an hourly rate, with no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises. The cost of a full long term ppc strategy only differs from the cost of a single display ads campaign based on how long it’ll take our team to create. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business and tailor our proposal around your business needs.