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We are a data-driven remarketing agency

Serve hyper-relevant remarketing ads & be ever-present

You’ve already got a great-looking website that functions flawlessly and consistently receives high traffic numbers. Now your new challenge is staying at the forefront of your audience’s busy minds long enough for them to convert into paying customers. This is where remarketing comes in.

With a remarketing strategy delivered by our enthusiastic PPC specialists, we’ll push you back into the minds of your audience, re-establishing a connection and guiding them down a remarketing journey to give you results. Through highly tailored remarketing techniques, you’ll master the art of targeting high-converting audiences and influencing their purchase decisions time and time again.

There’s nothing wishy-washy about us, Kaweb is a remarketing agency driven by data. Our remarketing campaigns are planned with precision, always keeping your audience in mind. Contact us to find out more about how we can help to establish this essential part of your digital marketing campaign.

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Remarketing and retargeting made simple

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is essentially an automated way to get back in front of users who previously interacted with your site. You’re then able to remind them of your brand and attract them back to you. Maybe you want them to enquire about a service they previously showed an interest in or complete that purchase that they didn’t make on their first visit.

You can remarket either to your previous website visitors through the display network on a variety of platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Bing or to your subscribers through email.

Don't worry, we know all business' are different, so we'll be on hand to strategise exactly what will give YOUR business the best results.

Why do you need remarketing?

The harsh reality is, despite the fact that you’ve spent a lot of time, effort and money perfecting your website and ensuring people see it – that’s usually not enough to make them buy from you. In an age when competition is high and attention is low, it’s no surprise that 98% of first-time users who visit your site won’t convert. If only you could stay at the forefront of your audience's mind, those distractions and competitors would pale into insignificance... enter: a remarketing campaign expertly strategised and implemented by a data-driven remarketing agency proven to get results - hey, that's us!

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The stats

There’s a reason why so many businesses use remarketing as part of their digital marketing strategy…

While you may already be employing other marketing strategies to drive users to your site, many of the techniques you’re using can be supercharged to encourage more visitors to convert.

Remarketing is a high-powered and cost-effective complementary tactic that is beneficial for every type of business, whether you offer a local B2B service or you’re an international B2C e-commerce store.

Regardless of the approach you’re currently using to draw users in to your site, remarketing presents another chance for you to reconnect with potential customers and close a sale.

70% More likely to convert into a paying customer having clicked on a retargeted display ad
10x Higher click through rate for retargeted ads compared to regular display ads
2% The average percentage of users who convert into a sale the first time they visit a site
26% The amount of users who return to finalise a purchase following remarketing (compared to 8% without)
We are fair and upfront

An individual price agreed for each client

We are fair and upfront

Kaweb work on an hourly rate, with no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises. The cost of a full PPC strategy only differs from the cost of a single remarketing campaign set-up based on how long it’ll take our team to create. We’ll work closely with you to understand your business and tailor our proposal around your business needs.