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What Kaweb’s PPC agency in Birmingham can do for your busines

As a PPC agency in Birmingham, we’re all about data. We don’t make changes off the back of a hunch or a guess. We dig into the keyword and competitor research to make sure your campaigns are set up for improved costs and quality conversions. That includes being optimised for locations, devices, and even by search engine. 

Then, when your ad performance starts to produce lots of invaluable data, we can use that to our advantage. What does that mean? It means our specialists can hone in in even more detail, and adapt the campaign on a on-going basis to drive even better conversions.

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Why work with Kaweb, a PPC agency in Birmingham?

With over 19 years of PPC experience, we’re proud to work with a variety of exceptional brands in a diverse range of industries. So, if your PPC ads have been running behind the scenes, but they’re just not getting the clicks or producing the conversions, we can help.

  • Reduced costs – better audience targeting means improved costs
  • Optimised ads to get seen by the right people – improves brand awareness
  • Higher quality clicks and more conversions – through creating relevant, quality ad campaigns

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Our PPC services include:

As a PPC agency in Birmingham, we work on getting everything set up for your ads and optimise them. We monitor them closely throughout the month to ensure you’re seeing an improved ROI. But there is an awful lot more that goes into it all.

Full campaign set up and research

Full campaign set up and research

Setting everything up from scratch can take time and resources, which is why our experts do it all. From sorting out your audience targeting and writing the ad copy to setting up your negative keyword lists, we’ll sort everything so the focus is on cutting your costs and maximising conversions.

In-depth analysis of competitors

In-depth analysis of competitors

With a data-led strategy, we pinpoint what your goals are, how achievable they are, and create a plan of action for your Ad campaigns to increase your clicks, conversions and reduce your costs.

Keyword optimisation

Keyword optimisation

Keyword research doesn’t just happen at the start to get your campaigns optimised, up and running. The more data we gain as your ads run over time, the more we can identify different opportunities like new search terms or changes in ad performance.