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Automate business processes with custom built internal tools to speed up manual tasks. Turn your multiple step business processes into seamless user interfaces and scheduled tasks so you have more time to do what is important. Generate reports for sales forecasting, your key performance metrics, conducting waste analysis, staff wellbeing and performance.

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Our Software process

Deep Dive

We work hard to know your business as well as you do so we can deliver a solution that is exactly what you need.


Once we have completed a thorough discovery phase and you are happy with initial estimates and budgets we start work on a very detailed specification about what we will be delivering for you.


Once everything has been signed off we will start development with a multi-skilled team of in house developers and designers to make your project as good as it can be.


Before we launch your new project, we meticulously test and review it with you so that everything’s just as it should be. Time to go live.
We are fair and upfront

An individual price for every project

We are fair and upfront

Kaweb work on an hourly rate, with no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises. Before we put a quote together, we research your business and the competition, find out who your target audience is and work with you to establish your goals. Once we’ve assessed the current situation, we’re able to recommend the necessary time and resources required to fulfil your project.