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Conversion Rate (CR) is a key metric in e-commerce, being the percentage of your site’s total traffic completing a specified goal (making a purchase, signing up to a newsletter, requesting a visit and so on). Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is the process of adapting your site to maximise CR. We recommend that all sites undergo regular CRO even if your conversion goals remain unchanged and will work closely with your team to help keep you at the top of your game.

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Our Conversion Rate Optimisation process

Understanding the problem

Context is everything. We’ll gain a deep understanding of your experience to determine the problem, ascertain what success looks like and then see what’s happening in your wider industry.

Getting to the bottom of things

Next, we test. There are a number of options open here, from split or A/B testing (comparing two similar pages with small tweaks like the position of the CTA button) to multivariate (testing multiple page elements) or even redirect testing (where completely new pages are tested against existing ones).

Analyse and recommend

We then research and interrogate the data to work out why your online visitors are behaving the way they are and how we can alter negative outcomes. This might include showing you heat maps to illustrate our findings.


Finally, we draw upon the experience of our whole team to optimise your site. This may include better design, more intuitive navigation and even tailoring what each customer sees to their age, gender and what they’ve recently searched for.

The Kaweb promise to you:

  • 100% in-house
  • Customer focused every time
  • Great project management
  • Technology-led
  • A range of platforms
  • Bespoke software solutions
  • Digital marketing expertise
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I've worked with Kaweb for many years. Not only is their expertise second-to-none, but their responsiveness means I've never felt left in the lurch. They're a great bunch of people as well - highly recommended. Dave Worth, Airband
Kaweb took my website and gave it to their team of experts and have completely turned it around. My site is now easier to use, converts well and, more importantly, has generated a significant increase in business. Mary Galbraith, Budget Campervans
We are fair and upfront

An individual price for every project

We are fair and upfront

Kaweb work on an hourly rate, with no hidden costs or unwelcome surprises. Before we put a quote together, we research your business and the competition, find out who your target audience is and work with you to establish your goals. Once we’ve assessed the current situation, we’re able to recommend the necessary time and resources required to fulfil your project.